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Apriva Pay makes credit card transactions as easy as the push of a cell phone button and was created for business owners who require the ability to accept credit card payments in the shop or out in the field. This technology is a powerful cell phone version of the software used in traditional credit card machines. Your business customers can perform all the same functions including credit card transactions and authorization right from their cell phones. Utilized in conjunction with a portable printer and/or credit card reader, they have a very sophisticated, highly mobile and less expensive point of sale product.

Apriva Pay exceeds industry standard encryption and security Reqs. Their expertise in classified mobile credit card processing security technology is behind AprivaPay's mobile payment processing technology.

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AprivaPay Rambler 2.0 Features

  • Communication Ports - 4 poles 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Encryption Algorithm - TDES /AES
  • Power - Internal Lithium Battery 225mAH, 3.0V
  • Card Reader - Dual track (track 1 and 2) magnetic strip reader
  • Dimensions - 0.7" x 1.9" x 1.9" Height, Width, Length

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