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Equipment Lease Financing

Equipment Lease Financing

Whether you're expanding your company, replacing outdated or failed credit card machine or simply taking advantage of an opportunity to exceed your competition, we can provide a financial solution that will meet your firm's needs.

We understand equipment purchases can be a costly part of running your business. For this reason, merchant services can help you obtain the equipment without spending a large amount of cash up front or hassling with a bank loan.

eCE Lease

How Lease Financing Works

  • Find the Equipment you desire and negotiate a price with your Vendor.
  • All Applications are usually Approved within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Once Approved, you will receive your final documents to sign and return.
  • A Purchase Order will be sent to your Vendor upon receipt.
  • Your Vendor Ships and/or Delivers the Equipment.

Benefits of Equipment Lease Financing

  • Customized Payment Plans
    We can tailor your payments to meet the cash flow, budget, and cyclical fluctuations of your business.
  • Improves Cash Flow
    Since leasing provides 100% financing with little or zero down, you are not required to hand over a large down payment. This can be a huge benefit for a small business merchant account.
  • Leases Can Include Ancillary Costs
    You may be able to include training, maintenance, and installation costs in your lease finance agreement.
  • Leasing Can Provide Tax Advantages
    Most Lease Payments can be deducted from your corporate income. * Ask your Tax Advisor how this can work for your company
  • Preserves Your Business Lines of Credit
    Leasing will not affect your bank lines of credit allowing you to preserve them for other business purposes.

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